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Guidelines & Instructions for Subscribers

Consequent on receipt of Annual Statement of Fund Accounts (CCOs-9), the subscriber is required to satisfy himself as to the correctness of the amount, date of birth, name and nominee shown in the yearly statement of account and should report the error, if any , to the Accounts Officer/DDP Controller within three months (6 months in the case of the IOFWP Fund Accounts) of its receipt.

The subscriber should verify his/her Fund Account No., at the time of receiving Pay for March to ensure that Account No. has been shown correctly in the Pay Bill, as this Account Number is used for capturing the data on account of Fund subscription during the accounting year.

In cases of Ty. Advances/Withdrawals made during the year, the fund subscriber should verify that it has been correctly shown in the Annual Statement of Fund Accounts. If there is a case of debit missing, it should be promptly reported to the Fund Maintaining Authorities through Units/Formations/Pay Audit Office so that it is adjusted in next accounting year. The subscriber is also advised to watch that missing debit is adjusted correctly in subsequent accounting year. It will protect the recovery of accumulated interest and principal debit amount at the time of Review/Final settlement of the subscriber's Fund Account.

In case of over credit made in the Annual Statement of Fund Account it should be brought to the notice of Fund Maintaining Authorities through their Unit/Formation/Pay Audit Office for the adjustment in next accounting year. It will protect recovery of accumulated interest and over credit amount at the time of Review/Final Settlement of the subscriber's Fund Account.


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